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It wasn't red maple

It was formica. It was Dinette Masters, at least. And I still like the fold out option. At least the chairs are wood. I now have the table and chairs, and I also have a sofa and chair for the living room, all being delivered tomorrow. I get the keys tomorrow as wel. I have called gas and electric and their both rolling over to my name. Also called phone and got it, internet and cable all in one. The mattresses are being delivered next Friday. All my stuff is being delivered Wednesday and I start unpacking. Then Sunday 16 October I go back to York. I'm gonna fly back every couple of weeks. Some start to the adventure of home owning, huh?

Steve Jobs

I was going to write something here yesterday about Steve Jobs but LiveJournal was having issues. It was 1987 and I was in college. I worked at the bookstore, and we had a Mac store in our electronic section. I was seduced. It was a small grey boxy thing, with a cute little 6-inch black and white screen. There were a couple on display, and I used to play GridWars on one of them.

My first macintosh, bought courtesy of a student's pricing and bookstore employee discount, was a Mac Plus with 1 internal floppy drive, a Rodime external 20 MB hard drive, and Microsoft Word. It came with Hypercard. Soon, I had mastered MacDraw and Superpaint as well. I put out a newsletter for my gaming group. And when I entered the working world, it was not with an English Major as I had always thought, but with my years of home-taught Mac use. That got me in the door. It's nearly 25 years later, 20 in the same company, and countless applications.

I've said before I love my job. Maybe not all the time, but overall, yes. And I have Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to thank for it.