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Stupid Cheap Camera

I figured I could buy one of those cheap little cameras they sell in drug stores and take some images of my house while it's still empty, maybe post them here? Well no, in spite of the blurb on the back saying it's compatible with Apple System 10.4.6 and Quicktime 6, or maybe it's too exact - it used to be that those were minimum requirements. If you had that or higher you were ok. I have System 10.4.11 and Quicktime 7.x, but the camera won't show up on my desktop and the software won't start up - it says it's not supported by my system.

So you will have to wait for images until I've unpacked my camera and the place will be at least semi-filled with stuff.

I've so far bought a microwave, toaster, and utensils to cook with, and a set of knives. Which my brother reminded me I took our set of knives from home. Oopps. Well, I'll have plenty of knives, and the set I bought came with steak knives. Oh, and flatware. I bought flatware. Oh, and an 8-inch non-stick kitchen-aid pan.

I leave on travel on Sunday 16. I figure I'll come back for little trips ever other week. Renew my clothes and pills.

My new sofa and chair were delivered by JC Penny. My new dinette set was delivered by Dinette Masters. My mattresses are coming on Friday.

It's all coming together.


Oct. 11th, 2011 09:09 pm (UTC)
Very exciting. We need to have a virtual housewarming for you.
As for pictures, can you just take them with your phone? That's what I've been using lately, as my camera has been increasingly temperamental since I dropped on the cement floor during a Viggo q&a.